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Students who study welding at the Career & Technical Education Center will attend class for a block class (2 periods) for the year and receive two credits toward graduation. The major portion of class time is spent in the welding shop in the Bismarck Technical Center, a well-equipped building on the college campus. Time in the shop is spent on oxyacetylene and arc welding practice. Students become familiar with the different types of equipment and materials, and learn the most up-to-date procedures used by welders.

The program is a combination of classroom and shop instruction. Emphasis will be placed on individual hands-on competencies. Welding certification can be earned by taking the American Welding Society Certification test upon completion of the two-year program.

Welding I

Grade placement: 10, 11, 12 Full year
1 credit/semester 2 periods/day
(10th grade enrollment is based on space available)

Students learn oxyacetylene fusion welding and brazing of light gauge metal and are introduced to electric arc welding. Students learn to use hand tools and accessories, machine setup, manipulative skills, selection of electrodes, welding safety, the lap, butt, tee, and corner joints.

Welding II

Grade placement: 11, 12 Full year
1 credit/semester 2 periods/day
Prerequisite: Welding I

Second year students continue the manipulative skills of the first year and learn to work in the vertical and overhead positions. Students study power sources, metal identification, preheating, stress relieving, and other techniques. Welding skills are developed through actual work experiences in repairing and building various projects. Upon successful completion of this two-year program, students can receive certification in the trade.

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