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*Medical Related Careers


Course Description

Career & Technical Education course directed toward students interested in seeking a career in health care

Course Purpose

Medical Related Careers provides students interested in the health care field, basic health care concepts fundamental to a wide variety of health care careers, as well as their own personal health care. Should the student choose, they may enroll in Medical Related Careers II which provides students with a foundation in basic health care concepts fundamental to various health care settings, as well as the opportunity for the students to expand their basic health care skills and knowledge through clinical (job shadowing) experiences in a students' specific area of interest.

Student Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:
1. Compare entry level requirements into health careers compatible with his/her interests and abilities
2. Demonstrate basic work place qualities in the classroom and student professional organization, Skills USA
3. Demonstrate core clinical skills common to entry level requirements in health care careers
4. Identify basic medical terminology through written application and examination
5. Demonstrates knowledge of human anatomy & physiology, body functions and the disease process
6. Practices professional & ethical standards of behavior in the classroom & laboratory
7. Practices personal & client safety in the laboratory setting
8. Utilizes Standard Precautions to prevent the spread of disease
9. Performs CPR & First Aid skills as defined by the American Red Cross
10. Locates, analyzes & evaluates information demonstrating self direction as a learner


Health Care Science Technology, 1st Ed. Katherine Booth

Special Course Projects

1. Internet research on health careers
2. Job Shadowing experience
3. Volunteer Project (4 Hr/Semester)

Learning Activities

Information will be presented through lecture, discussion, group activities, independent study and research. Speakers from various health professions will be invited to address the class. Field trips are planned to various health care facilities and schools.


Students Objectives:
1. Submits documentation "Confidentiality Statements" according to facility agreements prior to clinical experience
2. Identify qualities that demonstrate the standards of professional appearance
3. Demonstrate personal & professional qualities in the clinical area
4. Demonstrates the ability to perform basic health care skills according to OBRA guidelines
5. Identifies associated procedures and terms related to the specific clinical rotation
6. Compare the effects of illness on the individual in the acute and long term care setting
7. Study the aging process - the social, emotional and physical adjustments required
8. Relates the effects of aging on the well elderly as one living in a long term care facility
9. Demonstrates understanding of various mental health disorders and their treatment

Health Care Science Technology, 1st Ed. Katherine Booth
Nursing Assistance, 3rd Ed. Sarentino

1. Necessary Forms , Immunizations & Supplies
2. Confidentiality Statements
3. Tuberculosis Test
4. Current Immunization Record
5. Purchase of burgundy polo, kahki slacks, closed toed shoes, etc.

Special Course Projects
1. Internet research on health careers
2. Job Shadowing experience
3. Nurse Assistant Certification (optional)
4. Volunteer Project (4 Hr/Semester)

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