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*Math for the 21st Century

Grade Placement: 11, 12........1 credit (Block Class) ..Semester 1 or 2

Algebra I is a pre-requisite

Does count towards graduation and college entrance requirements

This is an applied math class taught at the Career Academy. The math concepts taught will be applied to "real world" applications. Students will understand the use of scientific calculators, estimation, and trigonometry. Tools such as transits, calipers, and micrometers will be used by the students to understand and apply math concepts. All five math content standards are covered including Algebra, Measurement, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, and Number and Operations. Some of the potential careers covered include: carpentry, mechanics, construction, agriculture, and engineering tech.

Ms. Opdahl, Instructor
Valerie Opdahl
Math Instructor
323-4340 Ext. 3035

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