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Electronics Technology

Grade Placement: 10, 11, 12 Full Year Class
2 periods/day 1 credit/semester

Today's electrical engineers, technologists and technicians continue to change the way we live. This hands-on course allows students to work in a lab environment where they will build, analyze and troubleshoot basic electronic circuits. The theory and lab environment in Electronics Technology provide a perfect starting point in which to explore the tremendous potential in career areas such as communications, medical, computer networking, automotive, manufacturing, engineering, and consumer electronics repair and installation.

(formerly Electronics I)

Analog Electronics

Grade Placement: 11, 12 Full Year Class
2 periods/day 1 credit/semester

Analog Electronics will prepare students for a high-paying career after high school. This class is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is taught by experienced professionals who will help you thoroughly learn designing, building, analyzing and trouble-shooting analog electronic circuits.

(Formerly Electronics II)

Digital Electronics

Grade Placement: 12 ... Full year class
1 credit/semester 2 periods/day
Prerequisite: Electronics I & II or a 12th grade student actively enrolled in the Electronics II Class

Building on students understanding of basic electronics concepts, this course develops a thorough explanation of TTL and CMOS devices and their applications. Special attention is given to related troubleshooting techniques and equipment. Students are introduced to microprocessor-based systems and microcomputers.

(Formerly Electronics III)

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